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Are Tuff Sheds Any Good

The Tuff Shed is a high quality storage option widely available at most hardware stores.

Tuff storage sheds come with an excellent warranty of 5-10 years and provides a lot of options. Tuff is definitely one of the best names in the storage sheds business. They pride themselves in the quality storage buildings they produce which can be bought through authorized dealers and Home Depot stores throughout the United States.

Tuff sheds are prefabricated at the factory and supplied nationwide in kit form to many homeowners. Are you looking  acrylic plastics in Adelaide? You can contact They boast patented door locking handles, galvanized steel flooring and unique hinges and fasteners. (See also Suncast sheds and plastic garden sheds)

There are a range of sheds that are available at many retailers. Their product lines include Garden Ranch and Garden Barn, which vary in size from 6’ X 6’ up to 10’ X 12’.

Both styles are designed with shorter walls that the other lines produced by Tuff, but other than that, they still include the durable construction and attention to detail like all of their products.

If you want to splurge a little, the top model is well known for being the best of the best. The Premier Series is constructed with a 16” OC frame and top of the line shingles and sturdy 15# felt paper underneath.

The walls are also very strong, comprised of thick plywood and a double coat of high grade ICI paint available in many colors. Their siding is guaranteed not to split or crack for 30 years. It’s excellent material for a strong, customizeable and beautiful look.

Another popular option for Tuff storage sheds is the Tall Ranch version. Once again it includes all of the options available on all of their products.

The rafters are met with steel plates. The floor is also very strong and the floor joists are made from 6” steel and are galvanized for protection. Covering the floor is ¾” plywood to handle extreme weight. The Premier Series is definitelly the top of the line, boasting many happy customers. It makes Tuff the standard in the industry with the Tall Barn, Tall Ranch and Standard Ranch lines.

Tuff doesn’t stop there. They went above and beyond with the introduction of the Pro Series. It includes the 30 year shingles, a 6” overhang and double top plates. If you want the best product on the market today, the Tuff Pro Series is the best you’ll find. It comes with an unbelievable 10-year limited warranty.

No matter which line you choose, all Tuff sheds include steel doors, keyed handles, steel floor joists and heavy duty plywood material. They’re definitely built right and will endure many years in the harshest conditions.