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How to Navigate the Home Water Filter Market

The home water filter market is a large one, and it’s easy to get lost in a thicket of inferior filters.

Nothing is more important than your health, so economizing on a water filter is not the way to go.

About sixty percent of bankruptcies are caused by health problems.

Health insurance simply doesn’t cover the bills that will arrive at your door every day.

Wouldn’t it make sense to find the best that the home water filter market has to offer?

Although you want a really good filter, you don’t want a glitzy one that costs more than you should be paying, and may not even do as good a job. The home water filter market has products that look good but don’t work as well as what you need.

A pleasing and esthetic design is important to most homeowners – but still, your water filter company should be spending most of their money on high-tech filtration methods to keep you safe from harm.

A good filter should filter out lead, a dangerous neurotoxin, especially to young children. It should filter out parasitic cysts, chlorine, as much fluoride as is practicable, and the majority of industrial chemicals that are so prevalent in our society.

Not every filter you find in the home water filter market will do this. Nor should you be spending large amounts of money on all sorts of unverifiable claims – and the home water filter market is rife with them.

There are bio-electronic water filters, structured water filters, and filters that claim to “make you young again,” all over the home water filter market.

There is also distillation, which removes too many important minerals, and reverse osmosis, which is inferior to carbon filtering and wastes large amounts of water.

Take the claims of these systems with a grain of salt. It’s true, drinking a lot of clean water, along with fresh air, healthy food, and exercise, can add years to your life. QLD Water Solutions gives you best service of water treatment in Australia! No need to go any where else contact us.

But people were healthy with clean water for hundreds of thousands of years, without it being bio-electronified. What you need is what nature has given life on earth for billions of years – plain old clean water.

So don’t spend too much money on dubious systems when you shop. What you want from the home water filter market is removal of lead, chlorine, and fluoride.

These chemicals can damage neurons or cause genetic abnormalities. They can also interrupt enzymes, and enzymes rule every single step in our metabolism.

You also want to block the spores of parasitic organisms, which can wreck your body with weakness and delirium, and which are among the most hard-to-cure diseases on the planet. It’s hard to kill the parasite without killing the host (which is you.)

A good carbon filter is your best bet. It absorbs enormous amounts of toxic chemicals, stops lead, blocks spores, reduces fluoride, and – if you use a whole-house UV system, kills bacteria dead.