What Will Happen To Your Body When You Smoke?

Smoking might look like a less harmful way of relieving stress and getting pleasure compared to drugs and alcohol. Guess what? It is not. When a person smokes there is an adverse effects on the body. We may not know it but the signs are clear from the mouth all the way to the lungs, and sex.


To better understand fully what happens to your body when you smoke, here is a run down.


  1. Reproductive System


Smoking leads to having less blood flow. This means a man will have an issue with getting erections. Plus, getting orgasm will less likely to happen and will become of an issue. There is a higher probability of becoming infertile. It can lead women having cervical cancer. As for pregnant women, premature delivery, placenta problem, or miscarriage may happen.

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  1. Digestive System


People who do smoke are at a much higher risk of having oral problems. It can yield to gingivitis or periodontitis. Eventually, it can lead to bad breath, tooth loss and tooth decay. Apart from these, there is a much higher risk of getting cancer on the esophagus, larynx, throat and mouth. Also, when a person smokes, insulin resistance develops. This will place any person get more chances of having a type 2 diabetes.


  1. Respiratory System


The moment that a person inhales smoke, certain substances will get into the body. These will damage the lungs. Over a period of time, the lungs will not be able to filter chemicals coming in more so with the harmful ones. It is not a surprise anymore that smokers will tend to get flu, colds and other respiratory infections easily. A smoker can get emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, among others.


As you can see, nothing is being spared. Your mouth gets affected from having oral problems. The risk of getting lung cancer is high. Plus, when it comes to sex it does affect your body big time. Basically, the body does not want nicotine, harmful substance coming into your body. It does react in such a way that your body will suffer from complications without you even being aware of it. Of course, the effects are not right there and then. It will take some time. Eventually, when you have smoked the longest time and would want to quit, it might be too late already. The choice is really all up to you on how to go about smoking.

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